Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DIY Scrabble Themed Party

We decided to host a Scrabble-themed bridal shower for my sweet little sister, Claire. She's always loved playing Scrabble and is notorious for making up "original" words to play. This theme was so fun to play with and created a really unique shower that didn't feel cheesy or sentimental. Surprisingly, when we started looking for ideas online and on Pinterest, there wasn't a whole lot out there. I thought I'd share the ideas we came up with!

The Invitation:

We decided to do only a digital invitation for the bridal shower to be emailed to the guest list. I took a picture of the Scrabble board and "BRIDAL SHOWER" and then added the text over the image in Pages. A couple of screenshots later, I had myself this adorable invite!

The Traditional Bride's Tiara:

Claire absolutely loved wearing this tiara we made by glueing the tiles onto a tiara from Party City.

Decorations & Games:

We had almost 40 people coming to the party so playing any group party games would have been a challenge. Instead, we put out two vintage Scrabble boards, tons of spare tiles that we bought off Etsy and a sign that said, "Play a word that describes Claire." By the end of the party, the board was full of lovely adjectives and nouns about Claire. The centerpiece displaying their future name was handcrafted by our brother, Jeff, as a wedding present. It was a favorite of everyone at the party. Now Claire and Danny have it on the mantle at their new home.

My mom found this great font online to make a Scrabble letter banner. She printed out each letter and mounted it on cardstock. We punched two holes in each letter and used two ribbons to tie each to the toile ribbon.

 We used the tile racks to label lots of things around the party. We had run out of C's by the time we had to label the champagne punch, so we had to settle for the ever classy, "Boozy."

Party Favors:

Mom and I made Scrabble tile charms as the party favors. We started by buying this kit off of Etsy to understand how they are made. Then, in true Clement style, we reengineered them to make them better!

Sweet Treats:

Our neighbor is a very talented baker and she made these bite size cupcakes special for the shower. The tiles say, "Claire and Danny. Love Forever." Aren't they just too cute for W-O-R-D-S? They were such a success and delish. Also Mom found these Scrabble Cheez-Its which were a fun addition to the spread.

The shower was such a success! I can't wait to keep the party going at their wedding in September!

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