Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Best Beret

This hat pattern is how I learned to crochet. It's from a great old book of my mom's... a perfect, one skein project.

Everyone needs a great red hat, right???
Great pattern from an old book of my mom's. Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pattern Two


By. Maura Clement

Here's a new scarf I improvised. It was commissioned by my friend Ben Gansky.

Size 8 needles
Plymouth Yarn's Galway Worsted
4 skeins (2 green and two light blue
($6.25 a skein) 

CO 44 stitches, long tail cast-on. Knit in two-color lattice stitch...
For my purposes, Color A is blue and Color B is green. Color A is the outline color. Color C is for the lettering and tassels.

On the RS, slip the stitches with the yarn in back; on the WS, slip the stitches with the yarn in front.
Multiple of 6 + 2 CO with Color A and knit one row.*

Row 1 (RS): With Color B, k1, sl1, *k4, sl2; rep from *, end k4, sl1, k1
Row 2: With Color B, p1, sl1, *p4, sl2; rep from *, end p4, sl1, p1
Row 3: With Color A, rep Row 1
Row 4: With Color A, p1, sl1, *k4, sl2; rep from *, end k4, sl1, p1
Rows 5: With Color B, k3, *sl2, k4; rep from *, end sl2, k3
Row 6: With Color B, p3, *sl2, p4; rep from *, end sl2, p3
Row 7: With Color A, rep Row 5
Row 8: With Color A, p1, k2, *sl2, k4; rep from *, end sl2, k2, p1

Repeat these 8 rows until scarf is desired length (note that if you are wet blocking, the scarf will stretch). Cast off using Color A. Weave in ends.

A border is desirable because the scarf does a good bit of curling in on itself.
Create a crocheted border of triple crochet two rows thick along each side of the scarf in Color A.
Add tassels along the bottom of the scarf using Color A and C.
Now comes the fun of wet blocking. Wet block the scarf so that the lattice stretches out and the scarf lays flat.
In Color C, embroider a word along the scarf in big loose stitches. Mine says "Patience."

*This text has been copied from: