Monday, November 21, 2011

On Monday, she writes a poem.

Someone's writing "forgive" all over Chicago
November 21, 2011

Someone’s writing “forgive” all over Chicago:
on the urban reservoir between 18th and Ashland
on the sidewalk outside Steppenwolf
on my Lake Street walk to the elevated train
in front of the yarn shop where I work with my hands
along the great lake which can be mistaken for the ocean
outside of the only bar in town which sells our favorite beer

Someone’s writing “forgive” all over Chicago
and I wish you could see it.
I don’t mean to say I wish you had come here too
(we’re past that)
 and I don't mean to say I wish you would forgive me
(although I do)
It's just that someone's writing "forgive" all over Chicago
and I really wish you could see it.

But I read somewhere that Patti’s dreams for Sam weren’t his dreams
and I know the dreams I had for you weren’t yours.
So it occurs to me that maybe
someone’s writing “forgive” all over Chicago for me.
Maybe I have to forgive myself
            for leaving
            for lying
            and finally, for telling the truth.

Maybe my poetry has too many maybes,
the water tower doesn’t say “maybe forgive,”
god didn’t say that either.

Along Lake Shore

"You know, the dreams you had for me weren't my dreams. Maybe those dreams are meant for you.Just Kids by Patti Smith

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