Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poem of the Day

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii. Clement family vacation, 1995

Natural Resources
by. Maura Clement
Spring 2009
If Dylan Thomas loved with an Irish heart,
I live with a Hawaiian one.
I suppose Irish hearts are made of
A 7 year-old Maura feeds the fishes at Hanauma.

Green hills, ballads of love and dire famine.
Hawaiian hearts are made of coral
Like the world below the surface
Of the undulating water in Hanauma Bay.

Hawaiian hearts live
And breathe salty tears.
Sharp spikes line my heart
Protecting the vacuoles and ventricles,
The life which lives within me,
Beautiful enough to slice a wayward limb.
Careful not to touch the reef,
tourists swim around and assume to know me.
Lindsay Sablan, Jeffrey and I snorkeling in the Bay.
My heart is not one entity,
But a colony of identical individuals.
I am an ecosystem,
Can you say that?

Break off a piece of me to take home
With you to Seattle or Salt Lake.
Show all your friends.
Although you have me,
Because you have me,
I am dead.

I belong to the sea turtle and not to you.

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