Monday, May 2, 2011

UM/Guthrie Theater BFA Training Program Class of 2011

Zero to Twenty: In honor of the graduating class of 2011
 My graduation speech, by the numbers...

0—the number of couples in our class that made it to graduation.
1—piece pants suit that Claire wore in London.
2—minutes, average length of a hug from Ben Gansky
3—This one belongs to the “rule of 3.” My boyfriend has a theory that if you have 3 or more BFAs in a room, all they can talk about is BFA-related topics. Thank you to him and the other non-BFA significant others (you know who you are) who have loved us and put up with us, despite our appalling lack of ability to vary our conversation topics.
4—the number of years we’ve been in college together.
5—The number of years my parents have paid for me to attend college. Thanks, Mom and Dad.
6—The number of other classes, before us and behind us, I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I hope that we sent a good example for those to come.
7—out of 20 of you have played my children in one of our projects or plays. I am honored to be your mother.
 8—We are the 8th graduating class of this training program, that means that we are actively creating the reputation that the Program has in the world. I hope we all make that reputation one of generous, committed artists.
9—The number of days I have left in Minneapolis before I leave for my first real acting job.
10—Is the number of beats in a line of Shakespeare in iambic pentameter.
11—Of course, is the Class of 2011.
12—The number of the floor that most of us lived on freshmen year in Middlebrook.
13—1300 miles is how far my parents and siblings travel one way every time they came to see my shows.
14—the number of letters in “Guthrie Theater”
15—Represents your 15 minutes of fame… I hope you get at least that.
16--On a scale of 1 to 10, 16 is how sick of you all I’ve been come winter break each year. On a scale of 1 to 10, 16 is also how much I’ll miss you after this is all over.
17—The number of matching glasses and cowboy boots that Judy Bartl has.
18—The number of outstanding teachers and directors I have had in this Program. You have taught me to breathe, dance, think, and live onstage. For that I humbly thank you.
19—The number of extraordinary people I’ve have the pleasure of being trapped in small windowless rooms for hours on end these past years.
20—20 people with bright futures ahead of them. 20 people who are empowered, not limited by their numbers.
I have one more number: infinite. My love, my hopes, my wishes for you… ARE INFINITE

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